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Fast5: Fast Five Fun Facts

  • Fast5: Fast Five Fun Facts

    AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 09: Clare McMeniman of Australia defends against Jo Harten of England during the Fast5 Netball Series pool match between England and Australia at Vector Arena on November 9, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

With the Fast5 Netball World Series being held this weekend, I thought it was appropriate to quickly fly through five fast fun facts.

1)    Australian’s better get used to Fast5, as Netball Australia has won the rights to host the Fast5 Netball World Series from 2016 until 2018. 

2)    Some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s best current and past players will join some of the Nine Network celebrities in the celebrity match. Be sure to Collingwood Magpies Madi Robinson go up against Billy Brownless or Melbourne Vixens Liz Watson take on Erin Molan.

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3)    Let’s throw away some of the traditional netball rules!
Changes include the centre pass will be taken by the team that did not score the last goal. There is also no WA or WD and you can substitute players whenever. This should make it a faster-flowing game. 

4)    Basketball is no longer the only sport with triple points!

      A Super Shot for three-points can be made outside the goal circle, for the long-shot specialist. Successful shots made within the outer circle (3.9 - 4.5 meters), will give your team two-points. Or you can play it safe and have your shot from the traditional circle. Adding to the excitement is the Power Play quarter, where each team elects a quarter and all their points scored are double in that quarter

5)    To date, the New Zealand’s Fast5 Ferns have dominated the Fast5 competition. They have won gold in 2012, 2013 and 2014 on a home court in Auckland. Hopefully, because it is in Melbourne, it’s Australia’s turn to taste victory and bring home the gold.

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